The Smart Choice

Our commitment to being the best makes CK the smart choice when selecting a firm to provide emissions testing services. Everyday we provide our clients with superior service and unmatched technical ability.

As evidence of our commit to providing clients with the highest service quality available, CK was the first, and currently only, firm headquartered in the Northeastern U.S. to be granted interim accreditation as an Air Emissions Testing Body (AETB) from the Stack Testing Accreditation Council (STAC).

After careful review of CKs Quality System documentation and procedures, STAC determined that CKs QA/QC practices are in conformance with ASTM D7036-04 Standard Practice for the Competency of Air Emissions Testing Bodies. This rigorous standard assesses the overall ability of a stack testing firm to deliver data of known and documented quality on a consistent basis regardless of the test method used.

Utilizing the services of an accredited firm provides assurance to both clients and regulatory agencies that a stack testing firm is providing them with accurate reliable data. Final accreditation requires successful completion of a field audit. STAC is currently developing a protocol for use during field audits, thus no firms currently hold full accreditation.

In addition to routinely performing rigorous internal quality control procedures, AETBs commit to ensuring that all testing is performed only by qualified individuals. The qualifications of individuals are assessed by the Source Evaluation Society (SES). Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI) candidates must document relevant field experience and pass a series of comprehensive exams. CKs staff has passed far more QSTI exams than any other firm in the region which serves as further evidence of CKs commitment to being the best.