Michael Unterweger, QTSI

Project Manager

Michael Unterweger has been with CK since 1995 and has experience building, operating, and auditing continuous monitoring systems. He schedules and supervises source assessment services: certifications, custom designs, and installations, cylinder gas audits (CGAs), maintenance and repairs: cleaning & refurbishing, opacity monitor calibrations, particulate matter (PM) determination, relative accuracy test audits, and visible emissions opacity determination. Mr. Unterweger earned his Bachelor of Science degree in marine engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

As CK’s QA/QC Manager, Michael has overall responsibility for all quality control procedures at CK. He is in constant contact with the highest levels of management to ensure that all staff is following all quality control measures set forth by EPA and CK.

Michael is a Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI #2008-259) for:
Group #1 – Manual Gas Volume Measurements and Isokinetic Particulate Sampling Methods
Group #2 – Manual Gas Source Sampling Methods
Group #3 – Gaseous Pollutants Instrumental Sampling Methods
Group #4 – Hazardous Metals Measurement Sampling Methods

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