Kevin Kelley, QSTI

Project Manager & Technical Manager

Kevin Kelley has been with CK since 2006 and had twenty-five years of prior experience in environmental testing and engineering. As a CK Project Manager, Kevin is responsible for preparing emissions testing protocols for regulatory agency approval prior to compliance test programs, he performs and manages testing programs and prepares final reports. In addition, Kevin develops air emissions testing opportunities and prepares proposals for clients throughout the northeast U.S.

As CK’s Technical Manager, Kevin has overall responsibility for the technical operations of CK. He is knowledgeable of all test methods that CK performs and oversees CK’s employee training program.

Kevin is a Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI #2008-253) for:
Group #1 – Manual Gas Volume Measurements and Isokinetic Particulate Sampling Methods
Group #2 – Manual Gas Source Sampling Methods
Group #3 – Gaseous Pollutants Instrumental Sampling Methods
Group #4 – Hazardous Metals Measurement Sampling Methods

Kevin holds an M.S. in Applied Management from Lesley College, Cambridge, MA. His program thesis was entitled “Development of a Proposal to Improve the Quality of Service and Reduce Costs within a Professional Services Organization.” He graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering Technology from Norwich University, Northfield, VT, in 1980.

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