Emissions Monitoring

CK has solutions to all of your CEMS needs. Whether your plant needs someone to perform audit testing, assistance with regular CEMS maintenance, provide refresher training in proper CEMS operations, or you need a new CEMS, CK delivers solutions. CK offers a full range of CEMS services including design and installation, preventive maintenance, auditing and testing, QA/QC, training, and reporting.

  • CEMS Design and Installation
  • CEMS Maintenance
  • CEMS Audit & Testing
    • Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA)
    • Linearity Checks
    • Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA)
    • Calibration Error (CE)
  • CEMS QA/QC Plans
  • CEMS Training
  • CEMS Reporting
    • Emission Reports
    • Electronic Data Reporting (EDR)
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