About Us

Our staff understands the priorities of business and we strive to satisfy those priorities. When working with CK, our focus on building lasting business relationships will be clear. Our technical staff has a thorough understanding of the air pollution regulations that impact your business. Their experience, and knowledge of air testing methods, enables us to assist you to satisfy your business objectives and protect air quality. Our engineers understand how the operation of the process being tested affects pollutant emissions and apply this knowledge in planning, performing relevant tests, and interpreting emissions data. Our observations often lead to recommendations for reducing pollutant emissions, improving process performance, and reducing operating costs.


At CK, our most valuable asset is our personnel. Our principals are involved in all aspects of project performance. In addition to managing the firm, they are involved in all test programs performed by CK staff. Our Senior Project Managers average over 20 years of emissions testing experience. Our experience and knowledge of testing methods, and excellent working relationships with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, enable us to offer cost-effective testing strategies that less experienced firms cannot.


CK maintains an extensive inventory of traditional and state-of-the-art sampling equipment and analyzers capable of performing nearly all of the manual and instrument test methods required by todays regulations. Our mobile labs are capable of performing real-time emissions monitoring of O2, CO2, CO, NOx, SO2, THC, methane, and ammonia. Additionally, our staff has successfully applied new technologies, such as FTIR, to testing programs for the measurement of air toxics and other compounds in real-time.


Since 1994, CK’s engineers have provided air quality services throughout the United States, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and recently in the Middle East. Our network has been built through referrals and recommendations–which we regard as the highest form of compliment.